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How to Become an Empowered Empath with Wendy De Rosa



Empaths everywhere NEED this! In this special episode, I am joined by author Wendy De Rosa to talk about her new book Becoming an Empowered Empath. This book changed how I live, my understanding of what being an empath means and how I set my own energetic boundaries.  We dive into how the chakras affect your energy, how and why we absorb energy and the importance of a healthy ego in your life. Wendy also shares how to not take on the energy of others but if you do, there are some tools you can use to clear your own energy field.  Wendy's book is a life changer. You can connect with her, purchase the book and find out more about her programs at Be sure to subscribe so that you can always hear the latest Ninja Jill KNOWS episodes on Apple Podcast or Stitcher. To never miss an episode and be inspired weekly, be sure sign up for my email.  Connect with Jill:  To sign up for the weekly email, visit When the Meaning is Lost, has helped its readers to fin