Simon Scholes

Don't Tell Me You're Working Hard



In this podcast, we have a chat about working hard. I meet so many people who tell me they're already working hard when I suggest my social media strategy to them (which I discuss in this podcast). The strategy takes time, effort, and a whole lot of patience, and if you're not will to put that in, it will fail somewhere down the line as you'll stop building your brand. Their usual excuse is, I'm already working hard, and then when you break it down a bit, they're watching tv every night, and working 9-5 like they did in a job, don't tell me you're working hard, or that you're fed up of what you're doing not succeeding if you're not willing to put in the effort. Facebook live cheat sheet: Hi, I'm Simon, and welcome to Daily Perceptions. My life has become so busy over the last few months with me doing so much more for the company, and I didn't want to allow my business and work to stop me from creating the vlog content I've loved making for the last 6 years.