Simon Scholes

GDPR & Social Media



So, it's just around the corner, 25th of May, the day everyone's dreading, as their businesses will fold, the four horsemen of the apocalypse will arrive to kill us all and the world as we know it will end, more commonly known as GDPR launch day. So, how prepared are you, is it going to hit your business harder than you think? Well, why not take this as the kick you need to start building your brand, it's not quick, it's not easy, but, given time and effort you could build a name by starting today, and here's how you should do it. Facebook live cheat sheet: Hi, I'm Simon, and welcome to Daily Perceptions. My life has become so busy over the last few months with me doing so much more for the company, and I didn't want to allow my business and work to stop me from creating the vlog content I've loved making for the last 6 years. This meant a change in direction, so now, each day, I'll take you on my journey of building my own personal and business brand, using th