Simon Scholes

Why House Of Fraser And Marks & Spencer Are Failing



So, the news hit us again with more sad news on the high street this week that we're about to say goodbye to 50% of the House Of Fraser presence on the high street. This is just a few weeks after Marks & Spencer announced they're going to close down over 100 stores in the next 3 years. So, let's have a chat about what they should be looking to do, and why they're failing, because the honest answer is, their brands are off kilter with the people they're trying to sell too. Facebook live cheat sheet: Hi, I'm Simon, and welcome to Daily Perceptions. My life has become so busy over the last few months with me doing so much more for the company, and I didn't want to allow my business and work to stop me from creating the vlog content I've loved making for the last 6 years. This meant a change in direction, so now, each day, I'll take you on my journey of building my own personal and business brand, using the tools and skills I've learnt over the years, and help you