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Impermanence and Interconnectedness - Bodhipaksa - ND3387



How can mindfulness allow us to by-pass reactivity? How do we cultivate a sense of spaciousness? Buddhist teacher and author Bodhipaksa helps us find a sense of oneness, stillness, and perfectness. Bodhipaksa was born Graeme Stephen in Scotland and currently lives and teaches in New Hampshire. He is a Buddhist teacher and author who has been practicing within the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order since 1982 and has been a member of this order since 1993. Bodhipaksa runs the online meditation center, Wildmind, to increase awareness of the positive effects of meditation. His published works include The Wisdom of the Breath (CD) (Sounds True 2009), Wildmind (Windhorse 2010) and Living As a River: Finding Fearlessness in the Face of Change (Sounds True 2010)Interview Date: 10/22/2010 Tags: Bodhipaksa, retreats, mindfulness, happiness, fear, terror, management theory, reincarnation, karma, consciousness, self, virtual selves, clinging, Spirituality, Buddhism, Science, Meditation