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The Character Of Thought-The Choice To Be In Process Or Flow - Laura Basha, Ph.D. - ND3541



We have all experienced getting caught up in a thought and identifying ourselves by it. Dr. Laura Basha talks about the ability to bring choice into the thought process. She explains the importance of listening for what’s possible rather than trying to figure it out. We also learn about Transformational Humor, the power of silence, and the two modes of thought. Laura Basha, Ph.D. holds a combined doctorate in clinical and organizational psychology. She’s an international consultant in leadership development and a personal coach. She is also a fine artist whose paintings reside in many private collections. She is the author of: The Inward Outlook (Xlibris 2014)Interview Date: 4/9/2015   Tags: Laura Basha, MP3, Three Principles, Transformational Humor, Process thought, problem solving, flow thought, in the flow, Mind, Consciousness, thought, sound of silence, character of thought, quality of thought, inward outlook, mentally ill, schizophrenia, modes of thought, Everything and No-thing, transform