Satsang With Swami Shankarananda

Satsang with Swami Shankarananda: Sri Ramana Maharshi - 22 July 2020



In this week's satsang, Swami Shankarananda discussed the life and teaching's of the Indian sage, Sri Ramana Maharshi. In this talk, Swamiji explored Ramana's teachings on the mind, Self-inquiry, pranayama, the different methods of yoga, and focusing on the 'I'. Swamiji also shared stories of Ramana written by his devotee, Suri Nagamma.   This podcast was recorded live at The Ashram in Mount Eliza on the 22nd of July, 2020.   Enjoy live programs with Swamiji and Devi Ma as well as 80+ hours of hatha yoga, meditation, satsangs and chanting at Satsang Live.