Pottercast - The Harry Potter Podcast

#293 (not 291!): Bonnie Hunt



Don't be alarmed when we call this PotterCast 291. It's really 293. We recorded this one a bit ago, so there's some old info. NO WORRIES! It's PotterCast, and we are here like always to chat about Harry Potter with you. Happy back to school! John, Frak, and Melissa are back! This time we're doing the RELOOK, where we don't go bit by bit or chapter by chapter, but issue by issue and mystery by mystery. This time: What happened to Lily Evans' parents? That's where we start anyway. Then it gets all PotterCast LeakyCon is coming! Boston in October for our TENTH anniversary! PotterCast is a Mischief Media podcast! Check out all we have to offer. This episode was hosted by Melissa Anelli, John Noe, and Frak Fraco III, produced by Adam Molina, and associate produced by Kylie Madden.