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#296: The Very Secret and Amazing Life of Arabella Figg



This week: we go through the week's Potter news, including the new Wizarding World app as well as the upcoming release of the graphic edition of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire! This week's What About That: Arabella Figg is here to change all our SEO results. Who was she? What's her history? Was she married? Was she gay? Also: squibs in the wizarding world: what does it mean to be a squib? What's the deal with the book and the quill? Why was it mean to Neville? WHY WOULD ANYONE EVER BE MEAN TO NEVILLE? Also this week from Mischief Media: Listen to A Story Most Queer, now available wherever you listen! Don't forget that we have a Patreon where you can get extra (sorting-related!) content! By the way: never listen to what number we call the show inside the recording. We're gonna stop doing that. Also, in the drums: John explains Brexit!  Produced by Adam Molina // Assoc. Produced by Kylie Madden