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Godbreed | Jeremiah Bowser, Part 2



The Godbreed is a company of people, a people knowing their identity as sons and daughters of God, worshipping warriors whose eyes are fixed on their Beloved, a people vehemently seeking His heart and establishing His Kingdom in the earth. Our mandate is to contend for the culture of The Godbreed to be released in the earth by the revelation and manifestation of Jesus Christ who is the Spirit of Prophecy and to see people realize a lifestyle of consecration, worship, and radical devotion. Our gatherings are to equip this Godbreed to release, as the Sons and Daughters of God, the sounds, colors, movements and vibrations that will be a part of a renaissance of the life and beauty of God as the kingdom of heaven collides with earth in a people being revealed as one with their Creator. The atmosphere will be pregnant with encounter as we contend for awakening, rebirth, and revival, so come with your heart postured and participate in a time of intense worship, training, and teaching of the Word.