Natalie Pace

The Fire Ritual



The end of the year is the perfect time for reflection, for releasing the old strategies and events that no longer serve you and for calling in the experiences, love and lifestyle you wish to enjoy in the coming year.  Join me in a ritual designed to do just on this 30-minute radio show.  Set the new year up right! Have a journal, a few pieces of paper, a pen, a glass of water (or champagne) and some matches handy.  If you have questions, call 310-430-2397 or email Heather @ Get The ABCs of Money that we all should have received in high school now, and you'll receive my 2014 Crystal Ball predictions for real estate, stocks, bonds, gold and more. Click on the link directly below to order the print edition of The ABCs of Money now. The ABCs of Money on Amazon (POD) The Billionaire Game is another great game to play in January -- designed to have you break through the walls of your own limitations and ask and answer the question, "How would I live if I had all of the mo