Guido Penno

Organic Sessions Vol. 6 - Guido Penno (DE)



In this edition of Organic Sessions, Guido Penno (DE) serves up a major round of funky house bombs that will blow your mind. If you're a true funky house fan make sure you listen to this mix all the way through as his funk bombs get bigger and better minute by minute progressing until the end of the mix. Guido was born 1980 in Germany's Capital of Art and Culture, Berlin. His interest in Music started very early during his High School and exploring Rave and Club Culture of Berlin. Clubs such as TRESOR, E. WERK ,PANORAMA BAR, ARENA, CASINO, NONTOX and MATRIX which were the Top underground Clubs of its Time. His curiosity in the Club Music and Dj'ing grew exponentially. His curiosity raised him to be an internationally renowned DJ. This Mix was made for Rice Farm Radio Thailand.