Garter Snakes

Found throughout the United States, a garter snake may be lurking nearby! Read about these common creepers.

Sun Power A Book about Renewable Energy

What makes our car go and our lights glow? Energy! Learn about clean, renewable power made by the sun, wind, water, and the earth.


Intelligent and outgoing, a Pomeranian has plenty of pros but also a few cons. Find out if this little fur ball is the right fit for you.

Totally Amazing Facts About Military Sea and Air Vehicles

Readers will learn over 100 facts about military sea and military air vehicles, such as helicopters, bombers, and stealth flighters,  as well as, submarines, mammoth ships, and...

The Guys' Guide to Making the Outdoors More Awesome

Get ready for some outdoor adventures! Nature provides tons of awesome places to see and activities to do. Discover how to find food and water for survival, recognize animal...

Navajo Code Talkers Secret American Indian Heroes of World War II

During World War II, the Japanese military cracked the codes used by the American Army and Navy, but never the Marines.  What made the Marines’ code different?  They used...

Discovering the West The Expedition of Lewis and Clark

Imagine being asked by the president of the United States to explore an unknown part of the country. That’s exactly how Lewis and Clark found themselves blazing a trail west...

Signing Around Town Sign Language for Kids

From the street to the store, take a trip around town and learn to sign along the way. What's the sign for car? Or for menu? Learn helpful words for restaurants, the doctors...

Baby Animals in Burrows

Peek! A baby prairie dog looks out of its underground burrow. Through delightfully simple text and bright, close-up photos, beginning readers will discover why burrows make good...

Food Chains and Webs

Simple text and bright photographs explain the concept of food chains and webs for beginning readers. The book concludes with a simple, kid-friendly activity.

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