Don Payne

The weekly podcast from Pastor Don Payne of Trinity Christian Center in Wichita, Kansas.

Marx Payne

Saying good morning to the

Charmaine Payne

Welcome to Charmaine Payne, where amazing things happen.

Sharalyn Payne

Fight For The LIFE You Want!!

Troy Payne Experience

Troy Payne The authority on NIBLETT a soft and deep tissue massage is As The Authority on "THE NIBLETT THECHNIQUE" he has had a lot of experience in life and...

Rules of Payne

She is causing her boss to break all his rules.Morgana Drake is smart, hard-working, and has an unusual addiction to cake. She refuses to let being fired from a terrible, dead-end...

House Of Payne

Every family needs encouragement! Beck and Jodi Payne use biblical teaching, along with a very 'raw and real' approach, to encourage marriages, parents, and families throughout...

Are Ufos Real? – T.l. Keller

Are UFOs Real? Over the last 60 years we have heard reports of unidentified flying objects . . . UFOs. We have heard from skeptics that they are all either imaginary,...

You’re Hired – Tom Payne

Tom Payne knows why most job seekers interview the wrong way and how to guide them to reverse their course and out-interview better-qualified competitors. His show will cover,...

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