Blue Publishing Podcast

This is the home of Blue Publishings podcast where we talk about all things books.

Carle Publishing Podcast

Our mission for the Carle Publishing Podcast is to provide insightful content that will help you build a stronger brand and better promote your products and services, while also...

Garbage Juice Publishing

Music Ranging from hard hitting, trance-like, chemical beats, to liquid, electro-organic beat-speak with many melodic layers.

Family History Publishing

Tips and Helps for publishing your personal and family history.

Self-publishing Roundtable

Interviews and blog posts to help you succeed in Self-Publishing. For indies, by indies.

Biomedical Publishing Podcast

Welcome to the podcast from We will guide you to produce scientific papers of good quality and get them published.

Publishing Farm Weeklies

This is because I live on a farm and I publish. Expect a Sunday/Monday show pretty much every week, depending if I get swamped. This is where I tell about the new releases and the...

Self-publishing Answers

Want to sell your book? This is the podcast you need to listen to!Learn how to write, create, market, and promote your indie book. Each week, Nick Thacker, Justin Sloan, and Kevin...

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