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Welcome to Hunter Sullivan, where amazing things happen.

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Have you ever wanted to listen to two guys named Josh answer questions you sent in? Well this is your chance! Send in your questions and you'll be part of the show. Good on you.

Jude L'oscuro

I piani della realtà, di difficile distinzione e ancor più difficile spiegazione, sono il pane quotidiano di Hardy. Che in questo romanzo racconta il conflitto del...

Jude (2012)

In the community of the first century, Christians faced two basic problems. The first was the problem of persecution against Christians and for the Jewish believers it would come...


Young Professionals in Deutschland

Frost & Sullivan Podcasts

As of today, virtually all companies across industries are going through a cycle of disruption, collapse and transformation. Our global research and consulting team is uniquely...


Welcome to Josh, where amazing things happen.

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