No Petting the Orangutans Please

Learn about Dr. Galdikas and volunteers who rescue captive young orangutans.

The Song of the Mouse

Scientist Tim Holy studies mice and the way in which they aurally communicate.

How Low Can You Go?

After a price competition Possum and Raccoon finally decide on a reasonable price for their apples.

A Cobra in the Garden

When the author's family moved to Borneo they shared their garden with a black spitting cobra!

Jumping Spiders

These spiders don't wait in a web to trap food; they hunt for prey and pounce on it--sometimes leaping twenty times their own body length.

Leonardo's Mysterious Lady

This article discusses a portrait by daVinci called "Lady with an Ermine" along with the detective work by scholars who deduced the identity of the subject.

Mystery of the Mud Nest

Who covers the nest to protect these frogs' eggs and how is it done?

Photographing a Llama Salt Caravan

The author follows a llama salt caravan across the Andes Mountains. He describes his companions two Quechua Indians and their way of life.

Surrounded by Food

Melissa Lehman loves living on a farm--the work may not be easy but it can be "sweet."

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