Emily Fox-seton

Emily Fox-Seton is a well-bred but penniless lady who works for the selfish Lady Maria Bayne. At 34, she knows she is unlikely to marry, and her prospects are bleak. Despite that,...

Teatime With Emily

Join me as I chat with people over a charming cup of tea!

Emily P's Honesty

Unapologetically me! Any topic is fair game!

Katie And Emily

Podcast by Coffee with Katie and Emily

Sex With Emily

Dr. Emily Morse shares her expertise on sex, relationships and everything in between! Submit your questions to Emily by emailing feedback@sexwithemily.com. For more sexy fun,...

1500 Emily Circle

Thelma and Ezra have decided it is time to move forward with their plans to have a family, but first they need to move to a larger living space. When Thelma finds her “Home...

A Planet for Emily

Suzanne's sister Eve joined an expedition to a lost planet where, it is rumoured, people can walk on the surface without protective suits, as a new home planet for humans now that...

Emily Missed Out

Welcome to Emily Missed Out; a podcast involving Emily and Breanne watching classic, pop-culture-filled movie gems that up until now, Emily has never seen. Join them while they...

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