Hush Hush

Hush, Hush. Paranormal meets The Da Vinci Code in this thought-provoking, no-nonsense story that you won?t be able to put down. Its theme is universal, and it will bring about...

Jet's Day

In this Chinese translation of Jet?s Day, Jet the Cat wakes up in his basket in the tree house and has breakfast with his three tree friends - Koala Bruce, Squirrel Chloe, and...

The Planting

David Monroe is the would-be beneficiary of his father's multimillion-dollar enterprise. Avaricious and sadistic, Mr. Monroe creates an evil plot to secure his inheritance by...

Right To Know

The birth of their son Ajay brought tremendous joy and good fortune to Avanti and Dinesh Kumar. With happiness and joy abounding in their home, the Kumars grew from being a lower...

Roar Of The Lion Head Cane

A man's maternal grandmother seeks his blood, and his paternal grandfather defends his life in this African tale full of black magic.

Saga Of A Texas Ranger

A young man escapes with his family from a feud in Tennessee only to go to a land of dangerous Indian wars in Texas.


This groundbreaking book teaches the Korean martial art Taekwondo to novices above the age of 40. Primarily written for Taekwondo trainers, Sekwondo (age-adapted Taekwondo) is...

Shards Of War

Man and his family flees the Ukraine to escape the invading German Army, all the while going East past Stalingrad to Uzbekistan.

Something Went Wrong? Right!

Something Went Wrong? / Right! Real Studies of Leadership in Cross-Cultural Ministry consists of 37 brief stories that originate from the cross-cultural development and leadership...

Sometimes It's Better To Start All Over From Scratch

A man takes a yearly jaunt into the wilderness when suddenly he's compelled to take up a task that will change him & his friends forever.

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