Indigenous Peoples

Are you curious about America? Indigenous Peoples are often thought of as the primary stewards of the planet’s biological resources. Their ways of life have contributed to the...

All About Geometry Little World Math Concepts

Teaches young students about basic concepts of geometry, such as angles and planes.

All About Word Problems Little World Math Concepts

Teaches young students about the structure of word problems and how to solve them.

Winning By Waiting

You don't always win by being fast. Sometimes slow is the way to go. You have to wait to see things change and this takes patience. You should be persistent and keep practicing....

Winning By Teamwork

What does it take to win a game? When you pass the ball, someone has to be there to receive it. In order to win, you have to have teamwork. What makes a team successful? Strong...

The Lake Mistake

The Campers spend a lovely day at the lake until s lynx shows up.

Jungle Journey /j/

Venture Into The Jungle And Meet Jaguars And Jackals.

Get The Prize /g/

The campers win awesome prizes and learn the phonetic sound /g/ in Get the Prize by Precious Mckenzie.

A Blimp in the Blue

The campers learn about blimps and take a ride.

The Duck Doctor

Meet Doctor Sue as she takes care of a special patient.

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