Historia Y Evolución De La Inteligencia Artificial

Este libro, dividido en diecinueve capítulos, dauna visión histórica de la ciencia de los « ordenadores inteligentes ».

History And Evolution Of Artificial Intelligence

This book, divided in seventeen chapters, provides a historical background of the science of « intelligent computers ».

Bretton Woods: History Of A Monetary System

This book provides a historical background of the monetary system of Bretton Woods, whose conference was held in 1944 in order to establish the rules of the commercial and...

Histoire Et Évolution De L'intelligence Artificielle

Ce livre, divisé en dix-neuf chapitres, fournit un panorama historique de la science des «ordinateurs intelligents ».

Nanotechnologies - Les Défis De L'avenir

Les nanotechnologies font désormais partie de notre vie. Elles sont utilisés dans le sport, la nourriture, l’électronique, la production de l’énergie, etc. Ce livre...

Nanotechnologies - The Challenges Of The Future

By now, nanotechnologies belong to our daily life. They are used in sport, food, electronics, energy production, and so on. This book wants to describe the way how...

Dizionario Delle Espressioni Idiomatiche Inglesi

Dizionario fraseologico contenente più di 1000 espressioni idiomatiche usate nel linguaggio comune della lingua inglese.

Dizionario Delle Espressioni Idiomatiche Tedesche

Dizionario delle espressioni idiomatiche usate nel linguaggio comune della lingua tedesca.

E-didactics And Practices For E-learning

Starting from a definition of e-learning and its historical overview, this book wants to answer two questions. Which criteria has to follow a project of online didactics? Which...

Nanomedicine - Overview Of A New Science

This book wants to provide an overview of nanomedicine. The book particularly deals with the nanomedical applications (drug delivery, LOCs and bioMEMS) and the positive and...

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