John Henry vs. the Mighty Steam Drill

"Ever hear of a feller named John Henry?" They say he was born with a 10-pound hammer in his hand! As a man, John was the fastest steel-drivin’ man helpin’ to build the...

Cat Care

Owning a pet isn't just about how much you love them. You have to take care of them, too. Find out how to give your cat a long and healthy life through diet, exercise, and more!

Show Your Spirit Cheerleading Basics You Need to Know

What exactly does a cheerleader do? How did cheerleading begin? What are the most important things a cheerleader needs to know? From tumbling and chanting to motions and stunts,...

Construction Workers Help

Construction workers build our homes, businesses, and stores. Learn about a construction worker's tools, workplace, and role in the community.

Using Digital Technology

Digital technology can sometimes be overwhelming. Find out what computers are used for. Learn how to store information, search online, play games, and more.

Reading Is Everywhere

Street signs, menus, game directions — words are everywhere! Where else do you put your reading skills to use? READ this book to find out.

Learning About Poems

If words describe a feeling or some words rhyme, you’re reading a poem. How else do you know? Quick, fun examples help you understand the beauty of poetry.


It’s time to celebrate Kwanzaa! Light the kinara. Eat a big feast with your family. During Kwanzaa, people come together. They celebrate African-American heritage.

Assassin Bug vs. Ogre-Faced Spider When Cunning Hunters Collide

What happens when a deadly assassin bug takes on a lightning-fast ogre-faced spider? Fascinating photos and dynamic descriptions will give young bug lovers an up-close look at...

Killer Whales Built for the Hunt

With bodies designed to help them hide in the water, killer whales roam the ocean in search of their next meal. Readers will learn about what makes killer whales such deadly...

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