The U.S. Marines Special Operations Regiment The Missions

When missions call for an elite team trained for quick, secret operations, they call in the Marines Special Operations Regiment. Training foreign soldiers, destroying weapons, or...

Uneven Bars Tips, Rules, and Legendary Stars

Ever wonder what it takes to be an uneven bars champion? Find out the tips and tricks to spinning, tucking, and sticking an uneven bars routine, as well as the legends that have...

Desert Communities Past and Present

The Cahuilla Indians have lived in the hot, dry desert for thousands of years. Learn how they have survived and thrived in this harsh environment and how their lives have changed...


Ducks have important roles to play out on the farm. With bold, full-color photos and simple, yet engaging text, readers are introduced to these animals. Readers learn all about a...

Presidential Politics by the Numbers

This fun and surprising book goes beyond words and lets numbers tell the story! In a fresh infographic approach, fascinating facts about U.S. presidential elections take a new...


Learn about Scorpions, including how and where they live and how these creepy creatures are important parts of their world.

Families Revised Edition

Building from nuclear to extended families, and then on to people in the community, these richly photographed books help children see how they fit in the world.


Capybaras are at home on land and in the water. Learn about these round-bodied rodents and their habitats in Capybaras.

Tiny Robots

Tiny robots include everything from a wall-climbing microbot to a nanobot that goes inside the human body. Find out just what these awesome machines can do.

Mudskippers and Other Extreme Fish Adaptations

Wrasses that can change from female to male! Anglerfish that glow under the sea! Some fish have found extreme ways to adapt to their environments. Discover some of the most...

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