The Victim

Everone in town's after fast Andy Donnelly. They all want him to shoot a sorry old gunslinger - but Andy's had enough. Can he slip away before they meet or is it execution time?

Colt-Cure for Woolly Fever

The Sheepmans' Bank needs a new safe. Meanwhile the sheriff, his deputy and twenty men with shotguns are watching the money. Will someone still be tempted?

Decision in Sundown

You got to help us-you're the only one who can stand up to him. Big Frank wants all the land around sundown and those who don't sell to him will die-but Frank didn't count on a...

Stagecoach Pass

The news is bad. The stage driver's wife who is expecting a child has taken a serious fall and now needs her husband. Dave Judd will take his place driving the stagecoach filled...