Under the Rainbow

‘Laskey is a talented, sharp writer and her debut novel has its fingers on the pulse of the human condition’ Kristen Arnett, author of The New York Times-bestseller Mostly...

One Tuesday Morning

A devoted fireman and a driven businessman, strangers with the same face. Only one will leave the Twin Towers alive, but will he ever find his way home? On the morning of...

Abbott and Costello: Lou's Engaged to Judy Canova

The opening routine is about leap year and Costello's romance. He's against marriage. Will Costello marry guest Judy Canova?

Adventures of Nero Wolfe, The: The Case of the Careworn Cuff Old Time Radio Shows

A man with one shirt cuff more worn than the other pays Wolfe $1000 to drop Dorothy Spencer as a client, even though Wolfe never heard of her. Mr. Porter is promptly found...

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The: The Adventure of the Red-Headed League

Sherlock Holmes was a detective series that aired at various dates from 1930 to 1956. It was based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous novel and character of the same name.

Dangerous Assignment: French Riveria Gocheck

Steve is sent to the French Riviera to help smuggle out Gotchek (an atomic scientist). When he arrives, his contact is found murdered.

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The: The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax

Miss Dobney, Lady Frances Carfax's former housekeeper, who was used to get letters from her mistress on a regular basis, is alarmed by her sudden silence. She asks Sherlock Holmes...

Crime Classics: John Hayes, His Head and How They Were Parted

Mr. Hayes returns from war to his lonely wife to find her afrolic with two comely boarders. His head is shortly thereafter found by the side of the Thames...and then encapsulated...

Dragnet: Big Compulsion

A lunatic has been making false police calls and has caused a serious accident. His weapon is a 10-cent piece.

Dragnet: Big Betty

A bunco gang of petty swindlers have set up operations in the city. They work the obituary racket, selling worthless merchandise to the relatives of the deceased. They're...

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