Birthday Customs around the World

Do you crack open a pinata on your birthday? Do you eat long noodles? Learn all about different birthday customs of children around the world.

Season Search A Spot-It Challenge

Which season do you like best? Search for hidden items in season-themed photos, and you'll find a year full of fun! Put your seeking skills to the test with Season Search.


Introduces some common objects that are blue in color including blueberries, bluebirds, and blue jeans.

Milton Hershey

Explore the life and achievements of Milton Hershey, founder of the Hershey Company and Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Anaranjado/Orange Mira el anaranjado que te rodea/Seeing Orange All Around Us

Introduces some common objects that are orange in color including carrots, pumpkins, and basketballs. Written in English and Spanish.

Birthday Cakes

How many candles will be on your birthday cake this year? What flavor of cake will you eat? Learn all about cakes you can enjoy on your special day.

Birthday Party Games

What kind of games will you play at your birthday party? From musical chairs to sack racing, games make birthdays fun. Learn about indoor and outdoor games to play on your special...

Morado/Purple Mira el morado que te rodea/Seeing Purple All Around Us

Introduces some common objects that are purple in color including jelly, cabbage, and flowers. Written in English and Spanish.


Introduces some common objects that are red in color including cherries, red licorice, and stop signs.

A Superhero Cookbook Simple Recipes for Kids

You don't need X ray vision to see how tasty these quick and easy superhero snacks will be. In just a few simple steps, you can make Captain Egg Heads, Super Powered Salsa, and...

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