Droughts Be Aware and Prepare

It hasn’t rained in weeks. Crops are wilting, and the grass is dry. Rivers run low. Is it a drought? How do you know? And how can you prepare for what’s to come? Droughts: Be...

What's in the Dirt?

Take a peek inside this easy-to-read book to discover the plants and animals living in the soil. Excellent photos and a simple design beautifully support early readers.

Earth's Hottest Place and Other Earth Science Records

Where is the world’s tallest tree? Where is the biggest cave? Crack open this book to find out!

How Books Are Made

To make a book, you first start with an idea. What comes next? Crack open the cover to find out how books are made.

Learning About Nonfiction

If the book tells a true story, you’re reading nonfiction. How else do you know? Quick, fun examples help you get the facts on nonfiction.

Baby Animals in Nests

Cheep! Cheep! What is that sound? It’s a baby bird in a nest! Through delightfully simple text and bright, close-up photos, beginning readers will discover why nests make good...

The Wettest Places on Earth

Visit a city where rain falls almost daily. Find out what city had the most rain fall in one day. By opening this book you will journey to places on earth where precipitation...

The Highest Places on Earth

Visit the world’s highest waterfall. Find out where North America’s highest city is located. By opening this book you will journey to places on earth with extremely high...

Weather in Spring

In spring, snow melts and the sun shines bright. Rain showers and storms arrive. See how the weather in spring changes.

Today is a Windy Day

The weather is windy today. Do you know what to do? Come explore the weather today and learn what to do on a windy day.

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