Hollywood Here We Come! (short /o/)

The campers visit a movie set and learn the short /o/ sound in the Leveled Phonics Reader Hollywood Here We Come! by Anastasia Suen.

We're Going on a Dinosaur Dig

This Book Takes Students Through The Exciting Adventures Of Dinosaur Hunting Until They Find One And Have To Quickly Retrace Their Steps Back To Safety.

Uncle Sam

He has become one of the country's most well-known characters. Tall and firm, Uncle Sam stands for a strong U.S. government. Join meatpacker Sam Wilson in Uncle Sam as he shares...

Envelopes Everywhere! (short /e/)

The Campers Get A Behind The Scenes Tour Of The Post Office And A Special Delivery.

In the Big City

Packing Up And Moving From A Small Town To A Big City Filled With Tall Buildings And Bustling Sounds Is Exciting And A Bit Scary At The Same Time.

Respecting Diversity

Do you face challenging situations? Human diversity encompasses all the ways that people differ from one another. Rather than avoiding these challenges, it is important to...

At the Aquarium (short /a/)

Journey To The Aquarium And Learn About The Awesome Animals.

The Fossil Hunt

The Campers learn about fossils and even find some of their own.

Instrument Petting Zoo (short /i/)

The Campers Go To A Outdoor Music Festival And Learn About The Many Kinds Of Instruments.

The Tooth Fairy

This Fun Little Book Talks About The Experience Of Losing A Tooth And The Excitement Of Placing It Under Your Pillow Anticipating A Visit From The Tooth Fairy.

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