Multilingual Fairy Tale Collection 2

this audiobook presents a collection of 14 classic fairy tales recorded by many native narrators in different languages: 3 in English, one in French, 5 in German, two Italian, two...

Nursery Rhymes Collection

All of your favorite classic nursery rhymes are included in this beautifully illustrated collection.

You Have A Brain: A Teen's Guide To T.h.i.n.k. B.i.g.

After telling the story of how he overcame an inner-city background to become a world-renowned neurosurgeon (Gifted Hands), Dr. Ben Carson now gives students an inspirational look...

Mrs. Fox, The Hairdresser

In order to have the meal of her dreams, a cunning fox decides to execute her plan and opens a magnificent beauty parlor in the forest. She licks her chops while she waits for...

A Birthday Surprise for Mama

What can Aleeya do when it's Mama's birthday and there's no cake?

A Chilling Thrill

How can the school ski trip be fun if Carly has no friends?

A Cobra in the Garden

When the author's family moved to Borneo they shared their garden with a black spitting cobra!

A Special Smile

Margie learns how to share a special gift.

Albert's Emergency Earthquake Plan

Albert finally puts his safety-planning skills to work.

Alexander's Astounding World Feat

Alexander amasses the world's largest business card collection and makes it into The Astounding Book of World Feats...but then doesn't know how to get rid of the million-plus...

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