Passion Marks

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A gifted young writer makes his literary debut in this haunting and powerful novel about a gay black man grappling with his sins from the past - and with the dream lover who turns out to be the lover from hell.

Victims of domestic abuse know that the violence they suffer at the hands of loved ones is not limited by gender, culture, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status. Now, first-time author Lee Hayes takes this hot-button issue to gripping new levels in a novel that transcends all barriers of sex, class, and race.

"From the outside it looked like the perfect world; exclusive neighborhood, fancy cars, and wealth. If only they knew..."

Everything that looks good isn't good for you. From the outside, Kevin Davis' world leaves nothing to be desired. It is a life of luxury, comfort, and money, but never judge a book by its cover. His pretend world hides the verbal, physical, and sexual abuse he endures at the hands of his perfect man. Passion Marks finds Kevin entangled in a dark web of love, violence, depravity, and torment at the hands of his lover, James Lancaster, the ambitious CEO of a rising Houston software firm. In order to free himself from the cycle of violence, Kevin must overcome his personal demons. In this psychological battle of wills, who will be the ultimate victor?

Building to an unforgettable climax, and peopled by a cast of richly drawn characters - including Kevin's best girlfriend, Danea, and the mercilessly driven James - this is a powerhouse story of tough love from a supremely talented new author.


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