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In the scourged kingdoms of Mirrowen, little hope survives

Rumors stir of a hidden child who can stop the devastating plagues-and the race to find her has begun. The ruthless ruler of Kenatos, the Arch-Rike, and the people pledged to stopping him will do anything to make sure they're the ones to reach her first.

Because even though young Phae may be unaware that she is the long-lost daughter of Tyrus-the Arch-Rike's rival-there is no mistaking her gift. She not only wields the dangerous fireblood, but she can also steal the memories of anyone who looks into her eyes. Both Fireblood and Dryad-born, she alone can survive the Scourgelands long enough to learn the secrets hidden within the oaks-secrets that may reveal the origins of the plagues...and how to fight them.

Now Phae must learn to accept her newfound destiny or forever fear the steadfast evil of the Arch-Rike.


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