Arsène Lupin vs. Sherlock Holmes Arsène Lupin, Book 2

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The national burglar of France faces off against the national detective of England in two unforgettable stories. Originally released as Arsène Lupin vs. Herlock Sholmes because of copyright issues, we have taken the liberty of replacing the counterfeit names originally published with those of the original sleuth himself, Sherlock Holmes (in the place of Herlock Sholmes) and his faithful Dr. Watson (in the place of Wilson). The result is an experience for the ages that you won't want to miss.

Three desperate crimes each proclaim the orchestration of Arsène Lupin (master of disguise, historian, fine-art expert, and gentleman thief). How did he do this, given their sheer impossibility and absolute lack of clues? All three of these burglaries couldn't have logically happened, and the valuable pieces are, indeed, missing. Though Inspector Ganimard, who has already arrested Lupin once, does his very best, he is at a complete loss. Finally, the great Sherlock Holmes himself is brought in to bring the elusive Lupin to justice.

Both are at the very pinnacles of their respective professions, and each gives as well as he gets in this royal battle of wits. Don't miss this extravagant game of plot and counterplot with two of the greatest characters in the mystery genre: Sherlock Holmes and Arsène Lupin.