The Short Stories of W. W. Jacobs

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William Wymark Jacobs (1863 - 1943) was an English author of short stories and novels. His most popular works in the early part of the last century were his humorous tales set around the docks of Wapping and in the tap-room of the infamous Cauliflower tavern.

Many of his stories were written in a Cockney vernacular and were keenly observant of character. His most famous horror stories are The Monkey's Paw and His Brother's Keeper both of which have been included in numerous anthologies.

'Smoked Skipper'
'Choice Spirits'
'Alf’s Dream'
'A Tiger’s Skin'
'The Test'
'A Disciplinarian'
'A Love Knot'
'Her Uncle'
'The Dreamer'
'Angel’s Visits'
'A Circular Tour'
'An Intervention'
'The Cabin Passenger'
'Money Changers'
'The Lost Ship'
'Pickled Herring'
'His Lordship'
'A Distant Relative'
'A Rash Experiment'
'Two of a Trade'
'A Safety Match'
'In the Family'
'The Monkey’s Paw'
'Brother Hutchins'
'Mixed Relations'
'The Grey Parrot'
'The Three Sisters'
'His Brother’s Keeper'
'The Disbursement Sheet'
'Rule of Three'
'The Interruption'
'The Changeling'


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