The American Opioid Epidemic From Patient Care to Public Health

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Carefully constructed and engaging, The American Opioid Epidemic: From Patient Care to Public Health presents the best of science and clinical practice and how these can inform public policy and the mental health professions. Opioid misuse, addiction, and unintentional overdose constitute a public health crisis with iatrogenic, sociocultural, and policy/regulatory underpinnings.

The editors have assembled a roster of brilliant clinicians and academicians, who offer insight into the myriad medical, legal, and socioeconomic facets of this growing problem. Together, they provide an up-to-date review of all aspects of the crisis, including social determinants of the crisis, recent trends in heroin use, prescription analgesic opioid use and misuse, unintentional overdose, psychiatric and medical comorbidities, assessment of and care for individuals with opioid use disorder, medication-assisted treatment, psychosocial interventions, prevention and policy approaches to the epidemic, harm reduction, and treatment quality and outcome measurement. Psychiatrists and trainees will find the book not only clinically useful and thorough but also fascinating and compelling.

Comprehensive, yet concise and clinically relevant, The American Opioid Epidemic: From Patient Care to Public Health is the resource mental health practitioners need to understand current thinking on the complex issues surrounding opioid abuse.