Misconceptions Truth, Lies, and the Unexpected on the Journey to Motherhood

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In Misconceptions, best-selling author Naomi Wolf demythologizes motherhood and reveals the dangers of common assumptions about childbirth.

With uncompromising honesty, she describes how hormones eroded her sense of independence, ultrasounds tested her commitment to abortion rights, and the keepers of the OB/GYN establishment lacked compassion. The weeks after her first daughter's birth taught her how society, employers, and even husbands can manipulate new mothers. She had bewildering postpartum depression, but learned that a surprisingly high percentage of women experience it.

Wolf's courageous willingness to talk about the unexpected difficulties of childbirth will help every woman become a more knowledgeable planner of her pregnancy and better prepare her for the challenges of balancing a career, freedom, and a growing family. Invaluable in its advice to parents, Misconceptions speaks to anyone connected — personally, medically, or professionally — to a new mother.


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