Love, Lucy

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The one and only autobiography by the iconic Lucille Ball, hailed by TV Guide as the "#1 Greatest TV Star of All Time."

Love, Lucy is the valentine Lucille Ball left for her fans—a warm, wise, and witty memoir written by Lucy herself. The legendary star of the classic sitcom I Love Lucy was at the pinnacle of her success when she sat down to record the story of her life. No comedienne had made America laugh so hard, no television actress had made the leap from radio and B movies to become one of the world's best-loved performers. This is her story—in her own words.

The story of the ingenue from Jamestown, New York, determined to go to Broadway, destined to make a big splash, bound to marry her Valentino, Desi Arnaz. In her own inimitable style, she tells of their life together—both storybook and turbulent; intimate memories of their children and friends; wonderful backstage anecdotes; the empire they founded; the dissolution of their marriage. And, with a heartfelt happy ending, her enduring marriage to Gary Morton.

Here is the lost manuscript that her fans and loved ones will treasure. Here is the laughter. Here is the life. Here's Lucy…


  • Chapter 0

    Duração: 19s
  • Chapter 1

    Duração: 15min
  • Chapter 1 Part 1

    Duração: 40min
  • Chapter 2 Part 1

    Duração: 23min
  • Chapter 3 Part 1

    Duração: 24min
  • Chapter 4 Part 1

    Duração: 28min
  • Chapter 5 Part 1

    Duração: 28min
  • Chapter 6 Part 1

    Duração: 25min
  • Chapter 7 Part 1

    Duração: 24min
  • Chapter 8 Part 1

    Duração: 32min
  • Chapter 9 Part 1

    Duração: 28min
  • Chapter 10 Part 1

    Duração: 22min
  • Chapter 11 Part 1

    Duração: 25min
  • Chapter 12 Part 1

    Duração: 30min
  • Chapter 13 Part 1

    Duração: 29min
  • Chapter 14 Part 1

    Duração: 17min
  • Chapter 15 Part 1

    Duração: 03min
  • Chapter 16 Part 1

    Duração: 05min
  • Chapter 17 Part 2

    Duração: 53s