Sir Gammer Vans

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Sir Gammer Vans is a very popular English fairy tale. It was collected by Joseph Jacobs and first published in his book More English Fairy Tales in 1894. The writer was inspired in his work by Brothers Grimm, he wanted English children to have access to English fairy tales. This tale is written in a very florid unusual style. The things happened to the narrator are self-contradictory and illogical. When the main character “was sailing over the top of the mountains” in his little boat he met two men. He wondered if the woman, who was hanged for drowning herself, was dead. They advised him to go to Sir Gammer Vans and ask him. Even though their instructions were quite confusing he found the necessary house. There Sir Vans showed him an alive hare, which was killed the day before and many other impossible things. Read this intricate story and try to put two and two together.