Miss Cornelius

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William Fryer Harvey (1885-1937) was an English writer of short stories, most notably in the mystery and horror genres, in which many of his works are recognized as masterpieces of the genre.

"Miss Cornelius" is one of W. F. Harvey's most acclaimed works. The elderly spinster, Miss Cornelius appears to be the cause of a range of strange supernatural phenomena which are troubling the house where she is temporarily lodging. But when Andrew Saxon, a local schoolmaster, accuses her of being behind the mysterious haunting she turns on him with a terrifying curse.

Following this the focus of the strange and terrifying phenomena mysteriously shifts to the Saxon household... and worse still, it seems as though the awful powers have transferred from Miss Cornelius to Saxon's beloved wife, Molly.

As so often with W. F. Harvey's works, there is a terrible and astounding twist at the end of the story.