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Upon the death of her father, successful but jaded plastic surgeon Devra MacKay is summoned home from New York City to Culdee Creek. As her father's only child, Devra is now heir to the prosperous cattle ranch—if she can meet the terms of the will: Agree never to sell the ranch and to make it her permanent home.

Devra is upset with the terms, but the alternative is even worse. If she doesn't meet her father's conditions, the ranch will be given to Logan's friend and foreman, Ross Blackstone, a Christian whom Devra abhors. Torn between her rapidly fading dreams and her determination not to let Ross "win," she takes a sabbatical to decide how to satisfy the terms of the will and still have the life she desires.

As winter settles on the Colorado plains, she and Ross come head to head for Culdee Creek—and Devra's very soul.