Losing Hope: A Novel

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#1 New York Times bestselling author Colleen Hoover held readers spellbound with her novel Hopeless, the story of what happened when a troubled girl named Sky encountered a long-lost childhood friend, Dean Holder. Now, in Losing Hope, we finally learn the truth about Dean Holder.

Haunted by the little girl he couldn’t save from imminent danger, Holder’s life has been overshadowed by feelings of guilt and remorse. He has never stopped searching for her, believing that finding her would bring him the peace he needs to move on. However, Holder could not have anticipated that he would be faced with even greater pain the moment they reconnected.

In Losing Hope, Holder reveals the way in which the events of Sky’s youth affected him and his family, leading him to seek his own redemption in the act of saving her. But it is only in loving Sky that he can finally begin to heal himself.


  • LosingHope 21 ChapterTwelve-and-a-half

    Duração: 02min
  • LosingHope 22 ChapterThirteen

    Duração: 42min
  • LosingHope 23 ChapterThirteen-and-a-half

    Duração: 01min
  • LosingHope 24 ChapterFourteen

    Duração: 01h13min
  • LosingHope 25 ChapterFifteen

    Duração: 08min
  • LosingHope 26 ChapterSixteen

    Duração: 22min
  • LosingHope 27 ChapterSeventeen

    Duração: 19s
  • LosingHope 28 ChapterEighteen

    Duração: 15s
  • LosingHope 29 ChapterNineteen

    Duração: 29s
  • LosingHope 30 ChapterTwenty

    Duração: 20s
  • LosingHope 31 ChapterTwenty-one

    Duração: 14s
  • LosingHope 32 ChapterTwenty-two

    Duração: 24s
  • LosingHope 33 ChapterTwenty-three

    Duração: 19s
  • LosingHope 34 ChapterTwenty-four

    Duração: 23s
  • LosingHope 35 ChapterTwenty-five

    Duração: 24s
  • LosingHope 36 ChapterTwenty-six

    Duração: 16s
  • LosingHope 37 ChapterTwenty-seven

    Duração: 01min
  • LosingHope 38 ChapterTwenty-eight

    Duração: 01min
  • LosingHope 39 ChapterTwenty-eight-and-a-half

    Duração: 01min
  • LosingHope 40 ChapterTwenty-nine

    Duração: 05min
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