Crown Jewel

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Fern Michaels, one of the world’s best-loved storytellers, delivers an emotionally charged and surprising tale of two very different brothers and the one woman who loved them both—and who holds the key to a family secret.

Handsome, rich, and adored by millions, Ricky Lam was a golden boy—with a dark side. The substance-addicted superstar had hit rock bottom, but luckily, he had a business manager, his older brother Philip, who forced him into a rehab clinic—a move that would create an irreparable rift between them. Yet, years later, when tragedy strikes, Ricky dedicates himself to Philip’s dream: constructing a unique resort in South Carolina called the Crown Jewel. Stepping into his brother’s shoes, Ricky encounters unsettling surprises, one of which is an amazing woman, his sister-in-law Roxy, who leads him to the mystery at the center of his brother’s life, and into a passionate love affair. As Ricky attempts to discover the brother he loved but never truly knew, he must settle a grave injustice committed decades ago—even if it means risking his fame, his fortune, and his life.


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