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New Dimensions is an original and powerful forum for inspired and inspiring voices and views on a wide range of timely and timeless topics. Activism, art, education, science, psychology, philosophy, health, spirituality, global transformation, cross-cultural traditions, the interconnectedness of all life All these and more are featured in this award-winning one-hour interview program that has been broadcast on public radio since 1973. For more information and over a thousand hours of downloadable programs visit


  • A Life of Compassionate Service - Larry Brilliant - ND3601


    This is a most unlikely life story of a “hippie” doctor who travels overland to India to aid flood victims, but ends up with an assignment from an Indian guru to be part of a team to successfully eradicate the last bastion of the smallpox epidemic in India. It is a story of an inner spiritual journey coupled with a life of service.Tags: Larry Brilliant, smallpox, India, Radical Doctors, Native American occupation of Alcatraz, Hog Farm Commune, Wavy Gravy, darshan, Neem Karoli Baba, Indira Gandhi, Dr. M.I.D. Sharma, Rahima Banu, S.N. Goenka, R.A. Tata, Russi Modym, History, Health & Healing, Spirituality, Travel

  • Owning Our Dreams is an Ultimate Long Game - Jonas Koffler - ND3600


    How might we rapidly accelerate our creativity and contributions to the world? Jonas Koffler says it is never too late to explore our innate talents and unearth hidden opportunities, and tells us that the first thing to do is to break free of self-inflicted friction that is fear-based, lacks courage, and has a sense that we’re not worthy as we hustle our way to recharging our life and creativity.Tags: Jonas Koffler, curiosity, luck, creative synthesis, pattern recognition, creative momentum, entrepreneur, Nirvan Mullick, Caine’s Arcade, inspiration, hustle, debt, perfection, adaptive resilience, learned blindness, learned helplessness, Martin Seligman, personal opportunity portfolio, Art & Creativity, Personal Transformation, Self Help

  • The Sacred Geometry of Our Cells - ND3475 - Sondra Barrett


    This dialogue blends the scientific study of cells with the mystical mystery they contain. We learn that cells can be our teachers, that they need community to survive, and how our emotions affect our cells. If we are worried or fearful, the body prepares us to fight or flight. The more we understand how our cells work, the more effectively we can live our lives.Tags: Sondra Barrett, cells, guided imagery, Belleruth Naparstek, community, Qigong, tai chi, epigenetics, spirals, Science, Health & Healing, Shamanism, Spirituality

  • Reclaiming Wonder and Hope - Hank Wesselman - ND3597


    Here we explore the reclaiming of wonder and hope. We are in need of an upgrade, a new story upon which the mythic foundation of culture rests. Wesselman says, “The old story about who we are, what we’re doing here, and what this world is all about is no longer supporting us . . . [W]e’re in need of a new story.” This is an invitation to co-create with spirit.Tags: Hank Wesselman, Medicine Person, Shaman, re-enchantment, F. Clark Howell, Don Johanson, Sandra Ingerman, Ghost Dance, Wovoka, Hale Makua, oversoul, dreams, intuition, climate change, Pagan, Rachel Naomi Remen, entelechy, Dalai Lama, deity yoga, mysticism, Shamanism, Dreams, Indigenous Wisdom, Intuition, Psychic, Ecology, Nature, Environment

  • The Eternal and Infinite Nature of the Self - Rupert Spira - ND3598


    The experience of our essential nature is available to us at any moment. We don’t have to “practice” to get there. It is not something “exotic” to our being. Teacher of non-dualism, Spira says, “The peace for which we long, the fulfillment for which everybody longs lives in their own being. It’s accessible, available to everybody in their own being.”Tags: Rupert Spira, nondualism, non-dualism, the direct path, awareness, perception, relative, absolute, consciousness, love, non-duality, fear, individuality, death, presence, presence of awareness, essential being, Spirituality, Philosophy, Death, Dying, Personal Transformation, Science

  • The Transformative Path of Divine Love - Will Keepin - ND3599


    Keepin states that the essence of God resides in the heart; this supreme reality is deeply personal. His work as both a scientist and a seeker of spiritual wisdom reveals that we are witnessing the birth of a vast, unified worldview that unites and cross-fertilizes East and West. This far-ranging conversation also includes a scientific view of consciousness and more.Tags: Will Keepin, God, Divine Love, Satyana Institute, J. Krishnamurti, David Bohm, nondualism, theistic traditions, devotion, nondual path, Bhakti path, Path of love, Path of the heart, path of devotion, Shankara, Advaita Vedanta, Sri Aurobindo, Upanishads, Islam, hadith, Rumi, Urgyen Rinpoche, Dzogchen, Ramana Maharshi, surrender, T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets, implicate order, Bell’s theorem, quantum entanglement, spooky action at a distance, holomovement, fractals, Laniakea, Father Thomas Keating, Jesus, Arjuna, the divine fire in the heart, Spirituality, Peace/Nonviolence, Religion, Science

  • Bringing Unconditional Love to Ourselves - Robyn Posin - ND3474


    This dialogue with Robyn Posin, Ph.D. explores how we may become more consistently gentle, more kind, and more tender with ourselves in this mad-paced world. How may we develop the habit of listening to that little voice inside that is so often ignored in the name of expediency?  She suggests some words we may use to coax this “little one” to come out and be heard.Tags: Robyn Posin, abandoning ourselves, anger, gentle with ourselves, rush, belly wisdom, safe container, grief, gut feeling, listening, little voices inside, Paul Rebillot, personal Altar, portable altar, nurture, sadness, procrastination, efficiency, effectiveness, efficient, effective, caretaking, deep listening, re-parenting, inner voice, Psychology, Health, Healing, Self Help, Personal Transformation

  • The Public Purpose of Art - Arlene Goldbard - ND3473


    We are on the cusp of a radical paradigm shift in worldviews. It is as if two tectonic plates are rubbing up against one another. One is called “Datastan” – the paradigm that quantifies, counts, measures, and commoditizes everything. The other is “The Republic of Stories” where diversity, the artist, individual stories, and every contribution matters. Tags: Arlene Goldbard, datastan, Republic of Story, Corporate Nation, No Child Left Behind, prisons, unemployment, Move to Amend, hope, Story Teller, Trash Dance, graffiti, billboards, customer service, storytelling, Katherine Boo, poverty, confirmation bias, art, artist, music, occupy movement, Roadside Theater, Augusto Boal, Social Change, Politics, Art & Creativity, Business, Community

  • Finding A God That Is Real - Nancy Ellen Abrams, J.D. - ND3595


    In this deep dialogue we look at a new theory of God based on science. Abrams suggests that we need a God that can connect us spiritually to the “real” universe and can guide our now globally conscious species toward a long-term and honorable civilization. She describes emergent phenomena as well as the effectiveness of prayer.Tags: Nancy Abrams, God, atheist, double dark theory, a higher power, Genesis, Torah,Babylonians, Babylonia, supernatural God, cosmic congress, theory of emergence, emerging God, ants, emergent phenomenon, emergent phenomena, the emergent economy, the emergent market, aspirations, self-reflection, prayer, mindmeld, R. Buckminster Fuller, Bucky Fuller, Sunrise, Sunset, origin stories, creation stories, global civilization, Golden Rule, Honor your father and mother, stardust, truth box, Newtonian physics, Einstein, quantum physics.  Science, Religion, Spirituality, 

  • The Redemptive Power Of A Near-Death Experience - Rajiv Parti - ND3596


    Until his NDE, material success was of utmost importance to Dr. Parti. He routinely disregarded stories his patients told him about their spiritual experiences during surgery until he, himself, experienced his own spiritual awakening in an NDE. Hear his profound tale of traveling to the Hell realm, meeting his spirit guides, finding forgiveness, and melding with the light.Tags: Rajiv Parti, NDE, Near Death Experience, SDE, Shared Death Experience, Hadol, Ketamine, spirit guides, Pakistan, partition of India, St Michael, St. Rafael, Angel Gabriel, materialism, forgiveness, prayer, self-funeral, cortisol, chronic pain, unified universal energy of light, Raymond Moody, Christ Consciousness, past lives, Health & Healing, Parapsychology/Paranormal, Meditation, Intuition, Psychic, Death & Dying, Spirituality, Spirit Guides, Angels, Spirits

  • Helping Teenagers to Find Their Inner Guide - Kelly & Tom Shelstad - ND3592


    When messages abound that tell a young person they are not enough, they tend to concentrate their energies on being prettier, smarter, or more popular. Kelly and Tom Shelstad offer wilderness programs that have proven to be of help to teenagers as they traverse the treacherous waters from childhood to adulthood in a way that supports self-esteem and self-knowledge.Tags: Kelly Shelstad, Tom Shelstad, Kelly and Tom Shelstad, backpacking, wilderness, teenagers, classroom design, daydreaming, phosphorescent algae, Facebook, social media, boredom, circle, authenticity, guide councils, circle stamina, deep listening, intuition, attention, Ecology, Nature ,Environment, Personal Transformation, Relationship , Partnership, Sexuality, Travel, Parenting

  • Thomas Merton-A Mystic Lover of Life - Matthew Fox - ND3593


    Thomas Merton was an American Catholic writer, mystic, and Trappist monk who died mysteriously in Bangkok, Thailand when he was 53 years old. The gifts he left behind from his short life were immense. He combined deep contemplation with social action. Here Fr. Matthew Fox shares his profound intersection with Merton via Creation Spirituality. Tags: Matthew Fox, Thomas Merton, Michael Toms, activism, Dan Berrigan, Philip Berrigan, Martin Luther King, Jr., Karl Marx, Pere Chenu, Saint Augustine, Second Vatican Council, original sin, D.T. Suzuki, Meister Eckhart, Thomas Aquinas, prophetic Christian, Augustinian Christian, Dalai Lama, mysticism, Thomas Berry, hermitage, New Grange, spiral, Hildegard of Bingen, Hagia Sophia, Feminine side of god, Doctor of Spirituality DSP, Cosmic Mass, African mass, Spirituality, Religion, Social Change, Politics, History, Ecology, Nature, Environment

  • Cultivating Your Own Vitality - Deborah Zucker, N.D. - ND3594


    “Vitality is the essence of what it is to be alive,” says Dr. Zucker, and the body will tell us when our vitality is weak. With good self-care we can revitalize our own health, like tending to a garden with gentle loving attention. It’s about being honest about where we’re losing our energy and experimenting with ways to redirect it in the manner that makes us thrive. Tags: Deborah Zucker, naturopathy, naturopathic physician, holistic health, wellbeing, healthcare, self-care, vitality, shadow, Jung, voice dialogue, fatigue, energy, attention, play, inner GPS system, voice dialogue, experimentation, fruit tree, garden, exercise, diet, community, breath, portable altar

  • Boost your Joy with Technology, Gadgets, Cognitive Enhancers - Jonathan Robinson - ND3588


    Technology can enhance our lives or it can detract from our good health and well-being. Through the wise use of technology, gadgets, cognitive enhancers and supplements, we may receive help to have more peace, love, and joy in our lives. Robinson’s advice is to use the technology that opens our heart, makes us feel peaceful, and connects us more deeply with each other.Tags: Jonathan Robinson, Peace Chair, video games, PTSD, Heartmath, Slide Show app, heart coherence device, kindness, Marty Seligman, widgets of mass distraction, supplements, smart drugs, neutropics, coffee, tingle, gratitude, Steve Jobs, virtual reality, Thync, Sedona Method, 5 Rhythms Dancing

  • The Narrative Intelligence of the Greek Myths - Carol Pearson, Ph. D. -ND3591


    Most of us are trapped in the stories we tell ourselves. Archetypes, such as are found in the Greek myths, can trigger a story in our brain that helps us notice opportunities, props, and characters that may have been invisible to us. They change what we are noticing and can enhance our narrative intelligence and encourage us to tap into our potential.Tags: Carol Pearson, archetypes, Zeus, Demeter, Persephone, Dionysus, Eleusinian Mysteries, somebodies, nobodies, interdependent, sit-in strike, sharing power, Greek myths, eros, allurement, Stephen Denning, narrative intelligence, archetypal download

  • Protecting the Sacred White Lions - Linda Tucker - ND3472


    The white lions of Africa are considered sacred and they have been trophy hunted until they no longer live in the wild. Tucker has taken on the assignment to reintroduce them into their traditional hunting lands. This is the story of her decades long battle with the government and with breeders who charge huge fees to hunters to kill the recently caged lions.Tags: Linda Tucker, white lions, canned hunting, trophy hunting, big game hunting, apartheid, Lion Queen of Timbavati, Timbavati, Global White Lion Protection Trust, Maria Khosa, Egyptian mythology, Muriel Vince, Corelight, Leslie Temple-Thurston, Brad Laughlin

  • Living the Yogic Life in a Material World - Karan Bajaj - ND3585


    A look at the life adventures of a father, husband, writer, corporate marketer, world traveler, and meditation and yoga teacher. We explore the question of whether our search for spiritual fulfillment and creativity has to take a back seat to our livelihood. Bajaj takes a year sabbatical from corporate work every four years and suggests how we can, too.Tags: Karan Bajaj, habits, routines, yoga, bodhisattva, belief, Buddha, enlightenment, venture capitalist monk, flow, sabbaticals

  • Meeting Daily With Our Chief Spiritual Officer - May McCarthy - ND3589


    Executives can spend hours in daily meetings to ensure the success of a company. What if that commitment can be applied to your own personal life? May McCarthy says we should consider working with a “Chief Spiritual Officer (CSO)” whose job it is to make our goals a reality. Our part is be clear, be disciplined, pay attention, and act. Tags: May McCarthy, Barbara Frederickson, CSO, Chief Spiritual Officer, C-Suite, CFO, CEO, intuition, guidance, prosperity, giving, receiving, daily meeting, opening, meditation, expression, goals, gratitude, law of attraction, doubts, denial statements, gratitude statements, fraud factor, seven steps, mantra, ritual, leads

  • Listening to the Light of Our Soul - Mark Nepo - ND3590


    The heart releases its own logic, going beyond our everyday attempts to meet goals and solve problems. Mark Nepo helps us re-kindle the fire of our aliveness, and reminds us that kindness allows us to experience our connection with all things. Prepare to be deepened by his ability to be authentic, as he illuminates the wisdom that is available in our own hearts.Tage: Mark Nepo, surrender, listening, courage, trust, choices, upaguru, e dai, kindness, kinship, regret, grace, fear of past, fear of present, fear of future, wonder, resilience

  • The Journey of Losing a Soulmate to Cancer - Karla Malden - ND3449


    You will be inspired by Malden’s candor and clarity as she speaks about her experience of living through the debilitating disease and death of her husband and work partner. She likens this time in her life to being strapped in a roller coaster that you never bought a ticket for.

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