Dr. Laurie Betito



Need a little Passion in your love life? Dr. Laurie Betito takes your intimate calls about love, sex and relationships, weeknights at 10:00pm on PASSION.Dr. Laurie is a Psychologist and Sex Therapist in private practice. She joined the Standard Radio family about 22 years ago when she co-hosted a show on MIX 96 called The Loveline. She joined CJAD 800 over 12 years ago with her own nightly talk show. Montrealers have been getting the best sex-ed ever since. Passion is the only show of its kind. Each night she takes on a different issue facing couples, singles, and teens, plus she is open to answering all of your questions about sex. From aphrodisiacs to zoophilia, Dr. Laurie covers all the bases. She shies away from nothing. Some of her guests have included porn stars, lap dancers, and tantric sex instructors. But if it matters to you or your body, Dr. Laurie can make you feel comfortable talking about it... sexual dysfunction, infidelity, teen sex, Dr. Laurie gives her advice on any problem troubling your heart. She offers her opinions on a wide range of topics. Tune in to Passion and get first hand experience.


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