Queen of Rot and Pain A Dark Fantasy Romance

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I punish lies and deceit, An eternal damnation of agony and pain. Yet, when it is my wife whose deception plagues me, I know what I must do. Shackle her soul to the lying, cold corpse that she is, Ensuring that she never escapes me. My wrath, My torture, My pain, And my pleasure. I am the King of Flesh and Bone, Every part of her I possess and own. She is mine, Death shall never do us part. Welcome home, my queen. Queen of Rot and Pain is a full-length dark fantasy novel and the second book in The Pale Court duet. The two-part story features a ruthless man, a woman who can't escape his love, and a happily ever after. This world contains dark themes, violence, loss, and elements of horror that some may find disturbing. What it doesn't contain is a hero—because villains do it better...


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