Dirty Little Midlife Debacle: A Deliciously Funny Romantic Comedy Heart's Cove Hotties Book 5

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Jennifer Newbank knows success. She's a talented baker with a celebrated new book. She's forty-seven, self-assured, and finally hitting her stride. Opportunities abound, like the upcoming televised baking competition that could rocket her career into the stratosphere.

Jen is going to win, open her own bakery, and live happily ever after...all by herself.
All she needs to do is follow the plan, win the trophy, and ride off into the sunset.

Easy. As. Pie.

…Until Jen discovers that her partner in the competition is the one man who turns her inside out.
She hasn't seen Fallon in six months, but he shows up looking burly and brawny and good enough to eat.

The problem?
Fallon and Jen have history. Tangled history. Complicated history.
History that does not need to be aired on national television.

But when the cameras turn off for the night, all those tangles and complications seem like distant memories.

One little kiss couldn't hurt...could it?


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