Revolutions Facts and Historical Details of the Russian and American Revolution

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This book consists of the following two titles:

Russian Revolution: The Russian Revolution was a period of political and social revolution that started at the time of the First World War in the previous Russian Empire. The Russian Revolution, which started in the year 1917 with the fall of your home of Romanov and ended in the year 1923 with the facility of the Soviet Union by the Bolsheviks (at the end of the Russian Civil War), was a series of 2 transformations: the first one defeated the royal federal government and the 2nd set up the Bolsheviks in power. The first revolution, which started in the month of February 1917, was focused around the then-capital of Petrograd (now Saint Petersburg). The Russian Army had mutinied after suffering heavy army losses throughout the fight. Subsequently, members of Russia's parliament (called the Duma) took control of the nation and formed the Russian Provisional Federal Government. The interests of significant business owners, and the Russian nobility and upper class, controlled this federal government.

American Revolution: Between 1765 to 1791, the American Revolution was an ideological and political revolution in British America. In the American Revolutionary War (between 1775 to 1783), the Americans in the Thirteen Groups established sovereign countries that beat the British, getting independence from the British Crown and establishing the USA of America, the first modern-day constitutional liberal democracy. The tax of American settlers by the British Parliament, a body in which they had no direct representation, provided contention. Before the 1760s, Britain's American groups kept a great degree of internal autonomy, which was managed by colonist legislatures on a regional level. The Stamp Act of 1765 enforced internal taxes on the groups, leading to colonist outrage and the development of the Stamp Act Congress, which united members from different provinces.


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