Girls Night Out

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After the happily-ever-afters, their stories go on. 

A collection of short stories in the Heart Falls world by New York Times bestselling Author Vivian Arend.

One of the great parts of writing a long family saga is that I get to revisit characters who have already found their happily-ever-after. Over the past years, I’ve written short vignettes featuring beloved characters from the Heart Falls series. They’re written specifically for readers who have already enjoyed the main stories. Some of these visits with favourite friends were previously sent out in newsletters.

Check first to see where each vignette fits into the full series if you want to avoid spoilers for books you haven’t yet read!

This collection contains a brand-new short story for Walker and Ivy Stone, as well, and it’s the ONLY place to read this story!



Reading List for Heart Falls AND a family tree/character list


The following girls/guys night out vignettes:

Glamour & Truth

Ashton’s Birthday Surprise

Mischief at the Fire Hall

Sharing Secrets


And the short story:

A Forever Family


For the past year, Ivy and Walker Stone have been working to expand their family. They’ve filled out forms until their fingers cramped, had home visits with social workers, and planned for the future. Walker and his brothers have done construction and renovations to his and Ivy’s home in Heart Falls to make room for the coming new additions.

And now the day they’ve waited for is about to arrive.

*Bonus… Tucker and Ginny’s wedding is included in this story!


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