History of Italy The Catholic Background in a Country of Popes and Saints

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This 2-book combo contains the following historical narratives:

1: What comes to mind when you say the words “Vatican City?” The Pope? Big cathedrals or underground catacombs with the corpses of buried saints from the past? Crowds of people with candles? Or a choir of young men in a certain attire? 

The Vatican is a landlocked, independent city state and enclave in Rome, Italy. The Vatican City State, also called the Vatican, acquired independence from Italy in the year 1929 with the Lateran Treaty, and it is a different terrain under the Holy See's "full ownership, special rule, and sovereign authority and jurisdiction," which makes sure the city state's temporal, diplomatic, and spiritual independence.

This is one of the world’s most unique states/countries, something that is definitely worth understanding. With about 1.4 billion Catholics, in the world, it can be worth your while to study this guide to understand where their leadership and headquarters are situated, and what they do.

2: Catherine of Siena (who lived from March 25, in 1347 to April 29th, in the year 1380), a Dominican laywoman, was a mystic, activist, and writer who impacted Italian literature and the Catholic Church significantly. She was canonized in 1461 and is a Medical professional of the Church.

She was born and raised in Siena and, regardless of her parents' desires, desired dedicate her life to God from an early age. She ended up being a member of the "mantellate," a casual Dominican spirituality group of pious women, mainly widows. Pope Gregory XI's choice to leave Avignon for Rome was affected by her impact. He then dispatched her to Florence to organize a peace treaty.


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