Greatest Western Shows, Volume 1 Ten Classic Shows from the Golden Era of Radio

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Oasis Audio has gone into the vaults and dusted off the very earliest form of audio book, old time radio shows, for our listeners. Introduced episode by episode by Jim Engel, old time radio authority and board member of the Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago, this series of classic radio shows is sure to have something for everyone. Celebrity casts and top-notch writers made the 1920s through the early 1950s, the golden era of radio. The series features seven exciting themes with 100 episodes in each. That is 700 classic radio programs in all.
Greatest Western Shows
Hit the dusty trails with the Cisco Kid, Luke Slaughter, Hopalong Cassidy, Roy Rogers, Tales of the Texas Rangers, Wild Bill Hickok. Follow the original Matt Dillon’s exploits on Gunsmoke, and enjoy the Tales of the Texas Rangers in these great adventures of the old west. 100 great Western classics in ten volumes.

Volume 1

  1. The Adventures of Red Ryder 2-26-42 The Range War with Reed Hadley
  2. The Adventures of Red Ryder 3-28-42 Trouble in Devil’s Hole with Reed Hadley
  3. The Cisco Kid 1953 Rustlers of The Shoshone with Jack Mather & Harry Lang
  4. The Cisco Kid 1953 Cisco Meets the Sundance Kid with Jack Mather & Harry Lang
  5. The Cisco Kid 1953 Morbid Jones and The Web of Death with Jack Mather & Harry Lang
  6. The Cisco Kid 1953 Wheel of Chance with Jack Mather & Harry Lang
  7. The Cisco Kid 1953 The Vengeance of Laughing Lou with Jack Mather & Harry Lang
  8. The Cisco Kid 1953- Pancho and The Princess with Jack Mather & Harry Lang
  9. Doctor Six-Gun 7-22-54 Colonel Turo and Harvey Frazier with Karl Weber
  10. Doctor Six-Gun 8-5-54 Fred Garth Is Accused of Murder with Karl Weber