The Weimar Republic Inflation, Degeneration, and Historicity

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To summarize everything about this topic, the Weimar Republic was a disaster. Perhaps the setup of the republic wasn’t as much as fault as just the world events that led to the Great Depression, the eventual surrender of Germany to France, Russia, and England in World War I before that, and other significant changes in the economy at the time.

The Weimar Republic was a federal constitutional republic that lasted in Germany from 1918 to 1933. The German Reich (Deutsches Reich) was the main name of the state, which was also referred to as the German Republic (Deutsche Republik). The first word associates with the city of Weimar, which hosted the republic's first constituent assembly. The nation was typically described as "Germany" in English; the title "Weimar Republic" didn't become well-known till the 1930s.

Do you want to buy a few eggs with thousands of marks? How about a loaf of bread for ten thousand dollars? The inflation in the Weimar Republic led to a severe economic downturn, one that had probably never been there ever before. This led to other problems, which also explained the rise of Nazi Germany somewhat later.

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