Harry Potter Fanworks Unlimited

Harry Potter Fanworks Unlimited


Enjoy a selection of hand-picked fan writings read aloud to you by fan author Rebecca Ripple. Want your Harry Potter writings read to the world on HP Fanworks Unlimited? Post them on the Infinite Quill at fic.finite-incantatem.com and let Rebecca know you'd like your fanfiction featured on this podcast. You can post any type of HP fanfic on the above site, but please note that all submissions to the podcast itself must be suitable for audiences of all ages. Happy listening!

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  • Fixed - By Firelight: Chapter 3
    Fixed - By Firelight: Chapter 3

    In By Firelight's third chapter, Draco and Narcissa set out once more to find a safe hiding place, and in the process, they come across an option neither of them had ever thought they would take...

  • By Firelight: Chapter 1
    By Firelight: Chapter 1

    The second installment (A Change of Heart) of By Firelight shows Draco's viewpoint of the events of his last evening at Hogwarts, and his escape from the battle that took place that night. With Lucius still in Azkaban, Draco and his mother must flee their home and search for safety anywhere they can hope to find it.

  • By Firelight: Prologue
    By Firelight: Prologue

    Our first featured fanwork, By Firelight, is written by Rebecca Ripple. In By Firelight, Draco must face a difficult decision, along with his own terrifying past, in order for his family to survive the Second War. By Firelight is rated ''Young Adult''.

  • By Firelight: Chapter 2
    By Firelight: Chapter 2

    In Part Three of By Firelight, Draco remembers a horrifying turning point in his past, and reflects on how it has affected and shaped him into the young adult he has become.